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Getting educated is a vital step to almost every one, it opens doors to countless opportunities and basically enlightens you. A million thanks to teachers, for years they spend time giving all of us a better start academically. To get educated is an immense investment and to help others gain education is definitely a worthy course.
One of the things that delight me the most is to see young people start amazing initiatives that leave an indelible mark on the beneficiaries and community at large. Giving back to society is a norm, from corporate bodies to individuals, we all give back to society in our own small way.  

The Basic School Development Project (BSDP), is a project with the aim of giving school children in rural communities free vacation classes in hopes of augmenting their studies. This initiative happens every August, with young people from all walks of lives, students, professionals, among others, volunteering their precious time and leaving the comfort of their homes to settle in these rural communities to teach. Aside the academic work, these volunteers train the students in other skills such as bead making and pastry, to enable them have some skills of their own.
This initiative has been running for five years and it’s spearheaded by two vibrant young folks; namely Amos Katsekpor and Felix Aryee. Together they have raised money from their own pockets and also from generous donors to keep the initiative running. The maiden edition was implemented in 2011 at Sankor in the Western Region of Ghana and  8 communities have benefited since then. J2W, Curious Minds Ghana, Afiyo Creations, Baron Distilleries and Boa Nnipa Foundation have assisted the project in the past. This year’s is already underway at Bonikrom in the Western Region. It started on the 27th of July, 2016 and will end on the 30th of August, 2016. Junior Camp Ghana, STEM Girls Foundation and Zaafi Arts are partners for this year, also with this edition, the BSDP and STEM will organise clinics for female pupils to help encourage them to take up the Sciences.

As part of efforts to raise funds for the project, a poetry and comedy night is slated for the 20th of August, 2016 at Chardonnay Pub in Takoradi, Ghana at 6pm. The rate is not specified, you just pay the amount you would like to donate as entrance fee.

This is definitely a course worth supporting, not only will you invest in the education of these children, you'll put a smile on their faces. It feels good to give back, it accentuates an aura of fulfillment, at least that’s how I feel, a smile is silent way of saying thank you.

You can donate via Airtel money – 0262149149 and MTN mobile money - 0541145843 OR online at Generosity


Okay, so the picture on the left probably reminds you of someone right? If it doesn't, well it's a picture of a man who rode a bicycle across Ghana to raise GHS 2,500 for The Ghana Cleft Foundation to assist children with cleft palate deformities, an adventure he dubbed #ReubenRides. He's back like he never left.

On his way to Accra. Walk for Charity/Facebook
This time around, he did it for cancer, in support of the "Walk For Charity" initiative, he walked for 260 km to raise funds for children with cancer. His route was from Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region, to Accra, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. He set off on his birthday, August 1st, now that's the bit that hits me, I spent my last birthday eating, watching movies and talking to my sweetheart lol, you know, you can't leave the sweetheart out on birthdays, it's totally........ermm, wait, sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, he started on his birthday and arrived on the 6th of August, 2016, 5 long days of walking, even if you travel from Kumasi to Accra via car, that's about 4 hours on the road. He didn't walk non stop though, otherwise we would have to investigate if he's an alien or human lol. He camped at night and carried on during the day. 

Some Volunteers join. Reuben Griffiths Bekoe/Facebook
His passion is to see smiles on the face of kids and not even the scorching sun nor joint pains could stop him, this guy totally reeks of awesomeness! With the hashtag '#WalkForCharity", he shared photos and videos of his journey on social media to create awareness and raise funds, he also had support on social media from other change makers and people who had volunteerism and children at heart. He finally had some volunteers join him in the last days to help him complete his journey. He has been hosted on radio shows to raise awareness as well.  His target is to raise GHS 50, 000 and has already raised GHS 3,786.00. Still a lot more to raise, sounds huge, I know, but walking for 260 km is huge too, it's no joke, if he can walk that distance, we can also help raise that amount.

Nothing is impossible, unless maybe telling Ghanaians to stop eating jollof rice lol. Let's all join hands, together we CAN and WILL BEAT CANCER! You can donate via Tigo cash to 0571500010 or visit
More volunteers join him. Reuben Griffiths Bekoe/Facebook

Saturday, 19 September 2015


Reuben Griffiths Bekoe

Every time I hear of cycling, the only thing that comes to mind is "Tour de France". However, this young man is no where near France, he's having his own tour, for a special cause, right here in Ghana. I met him at Barcamp Cape Coast 15, an event which was aimed at equipping youth with relevant skills, held at the University of Cape Coast, in Cape Coast, Ghana. Read on to find out the cause he's riding for.

Hello, I know you're Reuben, but what's your full name?
 I’m Reuben Griffiths Bekoe.
So what motivated you to raise funds for cleft?
The Ghana Cleft Foundation is doing a great job which I thought would be wise to help the organization by fundraising for them. I volunteered with Latitude ICS UK for 3 months in Cape Coast, so from what I learnt on the field, it was time for me to give back to my society. So that's why I chose to ride for the foundation.  Furthermore, restoring the smiles of these children is a great motivation.
Why did u choose cycling? Is it fueled by your passion for cycling?
I chose to cycle because it will help me understand what's happening (because when I’m riding, I can stop at anytime to listen to the stories of others and share it.) There's much freedom too when cycling and I have love for it. A young man walked from Tampa, Florida to their capital so that challenged me to do my best, plus if I complete this ride, I'll be the first to cycle across Ghana.
You mentioned Latitudes ICS UK, what is it about and can you give a little summary on your experience with them?
International Citizen Service (ICS) is a UK government funded development programme that brings together young people to make a difference in some of the poorest communities around the world.
It enables those aged 18 to 25 and above to contribute to a programme of international development and to gain valuable personal development and learning through volunteering abroad. During my time, I understood more about development and how I can do my best to help. During my 3 months I helped with my team to organize job fair, I also taught children and this made me care more and be more patriotic.
Reuben's bestie on the road
So what are some of the challenges facing the average Ghanaian who has cleft?
Stigmatization! Since people have less or no education about the deformities they tend to hid rather than to seek medical assistance. Some think it cannot be treated so they live in their ignorance.
How bad is the stigmatization? Have you witnessed any?
Talking with people with the cleft palate deformities, they have low self esteem and people who have little or no knowledge about it shun them.
How do you raise the funds by cycling?
Fundraising is a very new thing to many people in Ghana, which makes it very challenging. I tell people about what I am doing when I meet them on the road and I also post on my social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter).
How's it been, has it been encouraging?
Not so much but I am making some progress. I know people will see what I am doing and support.
So how much do you hope to raise?
I want to raise 6,000 Ghana Cedis. I wanted to raise 15,000 initially but from the way things are going, I'll stick to the 6,000.
How far have you rode & how much have you made so far?
I have ridden more than 160 km from Tarkwa to Cape Coast (2 regions covered so far)and raised almost 300 Ghana Cedis during that period.
What are some of the lessons you've learned so far to improve upon yourself as you target the 8 remaining regions of Ghana? 
Reuben's ready for the next regions
I have learnt to be specific and work more on myself and the project. Also I must take care of what I eat. For the 8 regions it will be a little challenging but I believe I can handle it.
Which region is your next stop?
Greater Accra, from there I’ll head to the Volta region.
When someone reads this and wants to donate, how would they do so?
Send your donations to Ecobank A/C 0213074414843601 (Kumasi branch) or Mobile money number 0263161964. You can also dial *718*30*3# and make your pledge. On-line donations can be made at
All donations go to the Ghana Cleft Foundation. This was made possible by Airtel Ghana.

Awesome, so finally, what would you want to say to our readers?
I would like everyone to know that everything is possible. Let’s believe in our dreams and ride to our destination. Also it doesn't take much to make dreams come true, lets help with our little donations to help restore a smile.
It's been an immense pleasure talking to you. Wish you all the best in your endeavors, safe and Godspeed.
Thank you.
Selfie! From left to right, Ekow (Blogger), Herbert (Reuben's PR) & Reuben